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erc0209 0317 $525.00   * Vestil Drum Positioner-55-Gal #DRUM-P
Allows fork truck driver to rotate standing drums to the horizontal racking position and vice-versa. Positive latching system ensures safe handling of drums weighing up to 800 lbs. Slide the positioner extensions over the vertical drum. With the aid of the Drum Positioner, rotate drum to horizontal position. Latching system will engage to allow horizontal positioning of drum. It’s now ready to slide into the rack. Mechanical operation relies on fork truck to rotate and lift drums. Fork pockets measure 7-5/8."W x 2-9/16"H usable on 20-1/2." centers. Units now feature a welded spacer to protect drum fixtures from damage when rotating. To see how it works go to this website: /KS 147

Location: KS 147   In Stock: 1
eri7011 0512 $80.00   55 Galón tambor carro
55 Galón tambor carro

Location: Moeller   In Stock: 4
eri7523 0213 $800.00   Trabajo Pesado Alta Todos carro Rueda giratoria

Location: Outside   In Stock: 1
erc0709 0716 $150.00   HD Metal Picture Frame Carts From $125.00 to $150.00
/KS #311

Location: eri   In Stock: 6
erc10200 1017 $150.00   Heavy Duty Carts 45" x 55". We have 38 each!

  In Stock: 0
erc10202 1017 $125.00   Inventory Racks 43" wide, 55" from Ground Up. 6" Casters

Location: eri   In Stock: 4
erc0710 0716 $50.00   Small Indoor Carts $50.00 each!
/KS #309

Location: eri   In Stock: 7
eri7620 0716 $160.00   Wire Rack and Wire Holders
/KS #171

Location: eri   In Stock: 1

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